So, déjá vu has been a word that has always fascinated me. I first encountered this word, when I was young and words fascinated me. I used to try as hard as possible to use my new vocabulary as I speak, so I sound somehow intelligent. Sadly, déjá vu was a word I could not … More DÈJÁ VU!


This month of May has been quite eventful, well at least for me. So many things have happened that it has become increasingly difficult for me to keep track of it all without bursting. And as expected it has brought with it some lessons. If I have learnt one thing though throughout this ‘phase’ of … More CHOOSE HAPPINESS


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Every flower, every leaf, every tree,every raindrop, every star and every  animal is different. What more of you the individual with a proven higher intellectual capacity? Oftentimes we have allowed ourselves to become blind-sided by the accomplishments and achievements of others that we loose sight of ourselves.…


Welcome to our generation where values are things of the past, old-fashioned and boring. A generation where integrity has been thrown to the dogs, in exchange of becoming internet sensations. A generation that is more focused on getting a thousand likes on Facebook, having hundreds of followers on Instagram, but fail to properly express themselves … More Welcome!