Welcome to our generation where values are things of the past, old-fashioned and boring. A generation where integrity has been thrown to the dogs, in exchange of becoming internet sensations. A generation that is more focused on getting a thousand likes on Facebook, having hundreds of followers on Instagram, but fail to properly express themselves in public or private.

Welcome to our generation were friendships are never real, but just a platform to either enrich themselves, or act as information managers. No one really cares about you. A generation that hates honesty as much as it does hard work, a generation that mostly does nothing about social issues because it doesn’t directly influence them. A generation that aspires to become nothing more than beauty queens and slay kings. 

Welcome to the most corrupted generation, where evil is paid for evil and good is also paid  in evil, where hatred is the fuel to some souls, and malice gives some peace.

A generation that has been somewhat blessed and cursed with the advent of improved technology, but we go nowhere. A generation that is capable of changing the tide of the world, a generation that is equipped to make the world a better place, sadly is more interested in developing their superficial appearance, rather than enhancing their inner abilities, or work on perfecting their talents. A sad, sad, disinterested generation, wrapped up in mental slavery we’ve willingly subscribed to. 


Welcome to the wonderful 21st century generation, I am positive your ride will be a memorable one.  As we dive into the minds and inner workings behind what we see now all around us, and find the few good souls left, the few great minds established and the ones willingly to change.


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