White and Red Flower during Day Time

Every flower, every leaf, every tree,every raindrop, every star and every  animal is different. What more of you the individual with a proven higher intellectual capacity?

Oftentimes we have allowed ourselves to become blind-sided by the accomplishments and achievements of others that we loose sight of ourselves. We loose our self identity and personality in the unending cycle of wishing we become more than what we innately are.

Who is responsible for this? Partly the individual, but it would be unfair to entirely blame  the individual for this phenomenon. Our society as it is, has in some way conditioned us to always want more, consume more, buy more, become more, achieve more and dream more. Technically speaking, these wants are not bad, but they create more thirst instead of satisfaction.  With these man made acquisitions,we can never be truly satisfied. An equilibrium point can never be met.

This constant search for more of what the next individual has, or more of what society prescribes one should have erases the notion of our individual differences. It rather boxes us into categories, creating stereotypes of ourselves that do not truly define who we are.

I remember when I  was young and I would question my mom about everyday things. Her constant reply to me was, “As all the five fingers are different, so are we.” This answer served as a guiding principle in life as I grew up and faced society on my own.

You know what that taught me? It taught me to appreciate and love myself for who I was, regardless of what others had. It taught me that although we might all be connected to one source, we are all different individually.

Using the same hand analogy, though all the five fingers are different each one is important. The loss of one makes it difficult to use the hand effectively. So are we.

When we loose our identities and self-worth in the name of become something else the entire world suffers. No one person is a mistake, we all have our distinct roles to play.

Life is not promised. It can be gone in a moment. The best  we can do is embrace our differences and  work with our individuality. Remember, there is no other you in the world. Love what you can offer and offer it well. No one can do you better than you.


18 thoughts on “UNIQUE YOU

  1. This is a great post and written so well. I agree very much with it. I’m a mom so I try so hard not to compare myself to other mothers. Not just mothers, but everyone is different and we do need to embrace it and accept it.

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  2. Beautifully worded. I think in today’s social media society .. it’s so easy to start comparing ourselves to other people. When I do .. I always come up short. Instead .. it’s better to focus on all of the fun things that make us special!

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  3. I like what your told me. Our 5 fingers are different and so are we. It’s a great reminder. I get stuck sometimes comparing myself with others but I tend to get over it because its my journey and i want it different from others

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