5 Reasons I started blogging again

I remember my first attempt at blogging. It was creative, ambitious and I was totally unprepared for it.  I thought by just having the gift of  the garb and  beautiful writing skills, I could just start my own blogging kingdom. Boy how wrong I was.

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I expect some might wonder why I would need to be prepared to start a blog. After all, you just find your niche, write with passion, create a respected presence online, try not to always write controversial things, build your readership base…blah blah blah.

I learned the hard way that you don’t just start blogging because you feel like. Sure it might work for some others, but there are millions out there doing what  you feel like: blogging. So breaking into the universe of blogging and dazzling them with your opinions and interest just because you feel like it would be difficult.

That is why from my first lesson learned, I strongly believe from personal experience that you need to have a reason to attain  your passion, and mine was and still is blogging.  A reason you can run to when hard times creep in, when you aren’t getting as much views as you would like or you get bad reception from people who read it. Or when the dark face of insecurities rears its head up at you.

So, after I quit my first blog attempt, I found FIVE good reasons for me to start blogging again. Five reasons for me to go through the ups and downs found in the wonderful world of blogging.

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These are my reasons:

  1. I love, love, absolutely writing. It in some way completes me.
  2. The need in me to create an impact in people’s lives.
  3. The urge to tell my story, to invite people inside my life as it unfolds.
  4. The opportunity to meet souls just like mine 🙂
  5. Lastly, just cause I feel like;)

These are not the goals I hope to accomplish with my blog. Rather, these are what motivate me. When I feel too lazy to sit down and write a post, or when I feel intimidated by  others. I look back to these reasons and say, “There’s no stopping me now!”

Not only for blogging, but also  whatever situation you find yourself in. We can all be passionate about lots of things, but at the end of the day, its why you started it in the first place that really matters.

We all need some cushions to fall on when life pushes us, when we feel let down or just when things aren’t going as planned. If we however, have concrete reasons, they can cushion the fall.

I had five, you might have just one, it doesn’t matter. The underlining issue is the fact that you have something to fall back on.

Go! Chase that dream, Never mind the pitfalls, because let me be honest you are sure to meet them. Never mind the detractrs who say it is impossible, as long as you have that reason(s)  to cushion you, you’ll soar any storm.

Need more reasons for you  chase that long forgotten dream, or for you to achieve that insurmountable  accolade, click on this link Unique you


35 thoughts on “5 Reasons I started blogging again

  1. Congratulations on your second attempt. Your blog looks nice.

    Like you, I started out creative ambitious and totally unprepared. I spread my writings out over several blogs for my different genres, now I’ve restarted with one blog and a lot better idea of how to organize it. (Actually I still have my haiku blog, too, but that’s such a different sphere it’s likely going to stay separate.)

    Your reasons are very accurate, not just for bloggers but for all writers. I especially like that last one. Maybe that’s really the bottom line. sometimes it seems no one’s really interested in all the terrific insights I have to share, but I keep on just because I want to. 🙂

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    1. I feel the last reason is also very important cause without passion accomplishing things become difficult.
      I am extremely glad I started blogging again as I know nothing comes easy in life. Congratulations also to you on your journey in this wonderful universe of blogger


    2. I feel the last reason is also very important cause without passion accomplishing things become difficult.
      I am extremely glad I started blogging again as I know nothing comes easy in life. Congratulations to you also in your journey of this wonderful universe of blogging


  2. There have been many times where I struggled to keep blogging or kept comparing my rate of success to others but despite it all like you said blogging is amazing. It has clearly helped us both through so much x

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  3. Good for you for coming back to it! I started my blog and keep coming back week after week .. because I love writing. Even if I didn’t have my little piece of the internet .. I know I’d still be writing something every day

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  4. I love this. When I start to get down or play the blog comparison game, I remind myself why I started this in the first place. I love to write! It’s the main way I can express my creativity. I also love the community that it brings. Yes, I wish I could do what I love full time and that’s what gets me down, but if I love it I’m going to keep at it. Thanks for the motivation!


  5. I smiled while reading your post, because I found so much of myself in there. I also started blogging a couple years ago and had to let go of that blog (due to personal reasons), but have now started again. More prepared and more motivated, because I love writing and creating too much to walk away from blogging:)

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  6. I feel that passion is the most important thing to accomplish things.
    I’ve also started blogging few months back and I’m preparing myself regularly to conquer every step of blogging.

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  7. Blogging can be draining at times, having goals and a passion for it surely helps keep us going… it’s great that you’re back at it and learned from your 1st attempt : ) yay!

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