Juggling the journey of Life

Just the other day, I read a really nice blog post which really hit home by the way. It wasn’t a post about finding yourself, or about about happiness. Rather it talked about curing envy.

Envy…..a feeling everyone is bound to feel at a particular time,but almost always refuse to admit its existence. Trust me, the green monster of envy must have crept into your heart at some particular moment in your journey. I mean, its natural.


It becomes commonplace for you to inwardly roll your eyes, when that lady ‘friend’ posts a picture of her and the boyfriend on a date. I mean what harm is there if I involuntarily hiss at the guy who is hell bent on always posting his acheivements on Facebook; like come on I’m sure he isn’t the first to get this acheivement. Even if by some stroke of luck he is the first, he most definitely won’t be the last.

It becomes easy to unfollow that girl from school whom you used to beat in exams, flowering into a sucessful business woman. I mean, she couldn’t have accomplished it all by herself. Plus she fills my timeline with all her posts and blocks the other necessary things for me to see and enjoy🤔…..

However, we hardly classifiy these itty bitty feelings as envy. In fact, the most we can describe them as are ‘little irrations’.


Just the other day, I was at this church meeting and I was asked impromptu to give a talk on women empowerment. I mean, how hard could it be I thought to myself.

What I did not expect however, was the plethora of response the topic generated. Most of which to my utmost surprise was the persistent problem of envy. It isn’ t rocket science, but when you are envious of the sucess or ‘ presumed’ sucess of a person your life becomes a bit darker. For every glint of envy that flashes past your eyes, momentarily blinds you.

Envy has crippled us as humans, we see so many strange things happening around us. So many strange news and unsourced information spread around. The root…..ENVY!

As humans we cannot walk this journey of life alone, no matter how hard we try to be independent;no man really is an island. However, envy isolates you from the world. Things easily irritate you when you have been gripped with that terrible feeling. It becomes increasingly difficult for you to become happy. You become miserable, everyone instantly becomes ‘haters’ and you slowly loose your individual shine in all the haze of envy.

We are all created differently, as there isn’t anyone else who shares the same finger print as you do. Therefore we all have different paths to life. Not everyone will be a CEO no matter how hard you try, not everyone can be a teacher,not everyone can become a beauty queen or a model. However, we each complement ourselves. There must be a Ying to your own Yang, a Bonnie to your Clyde.

If you find yourself always feeling a tightening in your chest when someone else excells, take another look at your life. Identify the gaps and loopholes and work on them. Surround yourself with friends who constantly empower and support others. Friends who are willing to promote and showcase the sucess of others and not just the down fall. They will motivate you in  ways you cannot begin to imagine.

Read, read and read again. This cannot be over emphasized. Motivational books, sucess stories, whatever you have. When you immerse yourswlf with positive things, you produce positive feelings and attitudes as well.

We all need each other.

Commend someone on his/her sucess, who knows, that person might be on the verge of giving up. Try to find the good in most situations, as it makes your own life easier. In the end, choosehappiness as there isn’t anyone else as unique as you😊.

If you need reccommendations of books and poems to read, kindly ask me in the comments section and I’ll gladly give some suggestions.

Have a wonderful,productive and above all envy free week lovelies….

Tiana xoxo


10 thoughts on “Juggling the journey of Life

  1. Great post! What I try to remind myself, if I feel envious is to remember that we don’t know what others are going through. Also it’s good to remember social media is only a snapshot and highlight reel of people’s lives.

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